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“Hisab is a complete business management solution. Hisab helps you to manage your customers, product, accounting, employees, inventory and more.

Hisab is simple and easy to use, it has AI that learns as it goes, and there is no learning curve.”

Hisab gives you everything to run a successful business

One system to take care of Customers, Products, Accounting, Management and everything in between, Easy and Tension free.

Inventory management at its easiest

Forget the days of hassling with Spreadsheets. With Hisab AI, the entire inventory can be managed simply by a few clicks, easy and sophisticated. Whether it's managing multiple stocks or a single product, we got you covered.

Accounting made simple

Accounting, a complicated task for anyone without experience. Hisab provides you with a state-of-the-art accounting system, removing the need to perform complicated calculations. Hisab does all of that for you, In one place.

Stay connected with your customers

Hisab helps you to reach out and keep in touch with your customers with a few simple clicks, whether it is to notify them about an order or targeted marketing campaign to tell them about your awesome store, Hisab AI has you covered in any scenario.

Manage your team

Whether you are launching a one-man operation, or have an established enterprise team, Hisab will help. Easily manage your team, controlling which parts they have access to.

Is Hisab Right For My Business?

We have thousands of clients who are running the entire business by themselves. Hisab helps to manage everything so you can keep it all ordered. Without Hisab there are too many tasks to manage for a single person that they are usually highly disorganized.

Small Business thrive in the Hisab environment. It's easy to use, and it helps to keep track of everything. You will know who did what and when. You never have to worry about who made the sale, or if there needs to be follow up.

Medium Businesses also benefit from using Hisab. After the sales are made, accounting can keep track to ensure that the payment has been made. Customers use Hisab to allocate several different tasks based on the position within the company.

Hisab can be customized for the needs of our enterprise customers. If you can dream it, Hisab can do it. Please contact us for Enterprise deals and pricing.

Our Hisab app’s ultimate features

Hisab saves you hundreds of work hours while creating an online store.

Increase Sales

Watch your sales increase while you spend your time growing and expanding your business.

Manage Orders

Whether it online or offline orders, manage everything from one interface, without hassle.

Stock Tracking

Track your entire stock or individual items, intelligently be aware of different item prices of different stock.

Courier Integration

Compare between different courier prices, choose the one that makes sense for you while saving money.

Accounting and CRM

Everything you buy, sell, spend are all integrated into Hisab, doing all the accounting for you.


Order Invoice to Courier Invoice, everything is automated, Professional Invoices in a few clicks.

Employee Management

Add your employees into hisab with different levels of access, doing exactly what you need, without worry.

Enterprise Marketing

Struggling between marketing messages and sales processing is over, all can be done from hisab, easily.


Hisab's AI learns more about your business the more you use it and makes things easier with time.

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  • Generate Invoices on the Fly
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Accounting Easily done and Managed
  • Automate Communication with Customers
  • It’s secure and locally hosted.

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Losing a Customer.

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Increase Customer
  • Increase Sales

We offer business solutions for any size team. If you want to positively impact your organization, try it now!

We offer business solutions for any size team. If you want to positively impact your organization, try it now!

Try us. You will love the
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Free 30 Days, No payment Information Needed, Takes less than a minute.